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We want to be your first choice for primary and secondary services. We can support production runs from 1 to 1,000,000. Our staff can help handle any and all of your design and manufacturing needs from start to finish and anything in between.
Precision Turning

Precision turned parts are created with our modern turning centers.

Our equipment gives us the ability to face, drill, turn, bore and much more with

exceptional precision. This machines are capable of short and long runs.

Saw Cutting

With our Production Sawing Department, we can saw almost any material to your specific length.

Our saws are capable of processing

materials up to 16" square and 24 feet long.

We have saws with Miter capabilities that

cut angled parts with ease.

Laser Cutting

Our 4000 watt laser is capable of cutting up to 7/8" thick steel and can process a wide range of material from aluminum, mild steel, and Stainless Steel. This laser is equipped with many features to meet high precision and edge quality. 

Engineering and Design

We have full CAD capabilities for design. We can cover all steps from prototype fabrication and machining to production.

Vertical Machining

Precision milling and production machining is done on our modern CNC vertical machining centers. 

Our equipment is capable of long and short runs and provides precision milling, drilling, and tapping.


We are capable of welding MIG and TIG in steel, stainless, and aluminum. We offer cost effective automatic rotary MIG welding up to 12 inches in diameter. 


Our robotic welding cells achieve the highest quality welds. They deliver the correct welding angle, speed, and distance time and

time again with accuracy.

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Secondary Sevices

Broaching - Cross Drilling - Index Drilling - Tapping Counterboring - Milling - Indexing - Slotting - Reaming    Deburring - Assembly

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